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📺 The Last of Us was the best and the worst of modern-day American television. Great acting. An engaging and dynamic storyline. A powerful message. Green screens galore.

At least (some of) the giraffe was real.

📺 Not one but two new AppleTV shows feature middle-aged men whose lives — and own selves — disintegrate after their spouse dies. Adam Scott gets a brain implant. Jason Segel spends nights partying with prostitutes. What happened to Nora Durst’s family may have been more outlandish, but her reaction was that much more believable.

Which is to say: Severance and Shrinking are overrated; The Leftovers remains grossly underrated.

📺 I was 10 when The X-Files came out and watched it week by week through hyperinflation, school closures and bombings. Now that we have a 10-year-old at home I thought it would be a good time to revisit the series, and it has aged very well indeed. This will be fun!

Craig Hockenberry:

A lot of folks appreciated the visual design of our Twitter app. And we are proud of that.

We’re equally proud of the things you don’t see.

Which reminds me of why Frasier was so good: for all the jokes they didn’t make.

2022 in review: television

Not much time for TV this year — which is a good thing! — but here is what we ⊕ Yes, “we”. Watching TV is for me a communal thing and the last time I watched any show by myself was finishing up Veep in mid-2014 during my last few night shits as a fellow. watched, in no particular order: Station Eleven (HBO) Magpie Murders (PBS, Britbox) Slow Horses (Apple TV+) The Mysterious Benedict Society (Disney+) Wednesday (Netflix) Only Murders in the Building (Hulu), which I didn’t write about but Season 2 was even better than the first and I have every reason to believe Season 3 will be even better.

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📺 Wednesday started off strong but quickly devolved into 90210 with a high body count: enjoyable, but not quite living up to the atmosphere of the first episode. It was still worth sticking it out until the end to see Fred Armisen’s Uncle Fester.

If you have seen and enjoyed Bodyguard, make sure to watch Slow Horses. How good is it? First time I stayed up until 4am for a TV show since the early 2000s good. 📺