June 29, 2024

📚 Finished reading: Seven Surrenders by Ada Palmer. The only thing I have to add to my initial impressions is that I have promptly picked up the third Terra Ignota book. If you don’t think you like sci-fi but have interest in history, philosophy or religion, these may be the sci-fi books for you.

Gee thanks, Siri.

Screenshot of a Siri suggestion box saying that “Trump died on August 15, 2020, at the age of 71.”

June 24, 2024

A few links to start off your morning with:

📚 Currently reading: Seven Surrenders by Ada Palmer and holy smokes is this good. After only a day of reading I am half-way in, and even the most macabre plot points from Part 1 have been paying off handsomely. I can’t wait to see what miracles the rest of the book brings.

June 21, 2024

I disagree with Gruber. While the current calls against social media echo the comic-book/rap-music/video-game scares, there is hard(ish) data on their detrimental effects in some children and adolescents. Certainly enough to justify more scrutiny.

“Street hoodlums” is a good phrase that fell out off fashion. Or am I just getting old?

June 19, 2024

Back in Serbia today after 7 years of absence. Fun times lie ahead…

A view from an airplane window captures a sprawling landscape of fields, towns, and distant cityscape under a blue sky with scattered clouds.

June 18, 2024

What can I say, it’s cheese heaven.

A shop window with row after row of yellow wheels of cheese. &10;

June 17, 2024

Fries the way they were meant to be made: golden brown and with a side of mayo. Why does the Netherlands have so much better fast food than America, my kid asked, and I didn’t know the answer.

A person is holding a cardboard tray filled with golden fries and a side of mayonnaise.

June 16, 2024

The Dutch have some interesting water sports going on.

A horse pulling a carriage along a beach, with a baby stroller and some items in the sand, while a person kite surfing can be seen in the background.