“I rob banks because that’s where the money is.”

This is what the bank robber Willie Sutton may or may not have once said in an interview. Regardless of source, it applies equally well to social networks and people.

I consider myself a fairly rational creature, and yet…

  • Mastodon out of the box: An eye sore! Unusable! What is this, Discord? Because I hate Discord!
  • Mastodon with Light theme and advanced web interface on: Where have you been all my life?

Magpie Murders were an absolute delight, even if the modern-day mystery was somewhat predictable. Looking forward to the Moonflower Murders, whenever they come out. 📺

The principal-agent problem of medicine

Alan Jacobs about Amerian health-care, or what passes for it: I think the first thing to understand about the American health-care system is this: some people lose money from illness, and some people make money from illness. Some people pay, and some people get paid. … I don’t think there are many doctors who consciously make medical decisions based on their lust for money. But I do think there are a great many doctors who go along with the incentives established by the system, without thinking about it too much or at all, because on some level they know that thinking about it could well lead to their losing money.

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Finished reading: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow 📚

Three remarkable achievements here: Hamilton’s for having lived the life he did, Chernow’s for assembling his remarkable tale, and Miranda’s for distilling and rearranging it into a Shakespearean work of art. Will read again.

Today I learned that the IMDB rating of This Is Spinal Tap… goes up to 11!

Many thanks to Russ Roberts and his recent critique of utilitarianism for pointing this out. The essay itself is a perfect Thanksgiving weekend read for both its topic and length.

This is the perfect number of times a year to have cranberry sauce: one.

John Roderick (or was it Ken Jennings) on the Omnibus podcast.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.

“…and Neymar will fall and cry like a baby”, predicts a boy in Belgrade about tomorrow’s match. Even if his 3–0 win for Serbia against Brazil doesn’t materalize, the fall almost certainly will. ⚽️

In a last-minute change of plans we will be roasting our own turkey for the first time since 2015. Is this a good recipe and does anyone have a better one?

Signed: Clueless

The Washington cottontails

The next time you crack your backdoor to let your cat outside for its daily adventure, you may want to think again. For a cat, the outdoors is filled with undesirable potential. Like the risks of catching and transmitting diseases, and the uncontrollable drive to hunt and kill wildlife, which has been shown to reduce native animal populations and degrade biodiversity. So starts a University of Maryland press release about this paper, which analyzes interactions between domestic cats and “eight native mammal species common in urban areas” in Washington D.

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