📷 Seriously?

📷 It’s moments like this when I regret not having a newer phone (shot on an iPhone XS Max, 4 years old and still going strong).

📷 This is, without a doubt, the best time to visit Kenilworth aquatic gardens in DC.

🎙 Still, 2022 is the best year to be alive, and 2023 will be better. Many reasons, but JWST should be a big one for everyone. This episode of the Joy of Why podcast nicely explains why.

“To be able to suppress your dislike or lack of interest in things and just do them to gain an extrinsic rewards like money or grades is a superpower when it comes to being professionally successful, but I… can’t?”

Med school selects for those who can!

Funny that the phrase “stylized facts” started out in economics and is being used in social sciences when 100% of clinical medicine is, in fact, based on stylized facts.

📚 Cal Newport has some good ideas.

“Natural systems … may look like (a Rube Goldberg machine) superficially because we don’t fully understand what’s going on,” he said. “Once we understand the right way to look at it, we can hopefully appreciate it as a simple design.” Referring to GRNs, but broadly applicable.

That’s one good-looking pig. www.ft.com/content/8…

🧪 Happy to see Quanta magazine recognized for its outstanding science reporting. Their website is an oasis!