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Suffocating is the right word

Lily Lynch compares Serbia and the USA in a (paywalled) Patreon post:

“I’m stunned by how comparatively apolitical Americans seem, even, strangely, those who pay attention to politics. There’s still something of an extracurricular quality to them. In Serbia, politics feel much heavier and closer to everyday life. There’s something tense and suffocating about it. And with that pressure lifted here, I feel that a lot of space has been freed up for me to think about other things.”

There are many reasons why I myself left Serbia a decade ago, but this was the main one: unless you move to the countryside to keep bees and heard goats, you have no choice but be infused with (highly toxic) national politics.

But if and when I do pivot to making chèvre, going back to Serbia would not be out of the question.

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