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Why is progress in biology so slow?

Samuel G Rodriques If you were looking for his blog’s RSS feed, you won’t find one listed. Thankfully, NetNewsWire was able to dig up the url. is an inventor, entrepreneur, and author of my favorite blog post so far this year:

Serious drug developers have long since learned not to trust animal models when it comes to predicting the efficacy of a treatment for most diseases.

And also:

There is a phenomenon that all biologists will be aware of, where after working on a new idea for 2 years, you one day come across a paper from 2008 and say, “oh my god, if only I had known this two years ago.” If we want biology to move fast, we need to figure out how to eliminate this phenomenon.


In biology, until recently, it seemed like everyone wanted to be a professor or start a company, i.e., that the only high status thing you could do after your PhD was to become a manager.

Not sure I agree with his prescriptions, but the diagnosis is right!

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