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2022 in review: music

Apple Music has started making year-in-review playlists and, well, 2022 was the year my kids officially took over the account. Behold the Top 10 in the Miljković household:

  1. Enemy (Imagine Dragons): 228 plays
  2. Quietly Yours (Birdy): 145 plays
  3. Natural (Imagine Dragons): 120 plays
  4. Spring Waltz a.k.a. Mariage d’Amour (Toms Mucenieks): 87 plays
  5. We Are Monster Trucks (Kids Channel): 86 plays
  6. Surface Pressure (Jessica Darrow): 81 plays
  7. We Don’t Talk About Bruno (Carolina Gaitán et al.): 71 plays
  8. Wait For It (Leslie Odom Jr. et al.): 70 plays
  9. Le Carnaval des Animaux: Aquarium (Charles Dutoit et al): 66 plays
  10. Radioactive (Imagine Dragons): 50 plays

Figuring out who in the family was listening to what is left as an exercise for the reader.

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