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Is the Sunshine Act a joke?

I don’t see patients with leukemia any more, but if I did, and was willing to “provide information to [Name Redacted] as it relates to my practice patterns and actively engage in the scientific exchange”, someone is willing to pay me a $1000 “fee” along with providing air travel and a one-night stay at a 4-star Florida hotel. Importantly, that someone states:

As this meeting is not commercially supported, there is no Sunshine Act reporting required.

What this means, as Bing AI will helpfully clarify for those who don’t know, is that:

…the meeting is not funded by any manufacturers of drugs, devices, biologics or medical supplies, and therefore there is no need to report any payments or transfers of value from the manufacturers to the physicians or teaching hospitals who attend the meeting. The Sunshine Act is a federal law that requires such reporting to increase transparency around the financial relationships between physicians, teaching hospitals and manufacturers.

So the clarify further using my non-artificial intelligence: US physicians are required to report payments from drug, device, etc. manufacturers and these reports are available to public. Shell companies insert themselves between said manufacturers and physicians so that they could wine and dine them in the name of “scientific exchange”. Money involved is completely off the books.

And so the letter of the law is followed while the spirit withers away…

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