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Fact checking fail of the day

From the essay Zombies in Western Culture, which a friend recommended I read:

Clearly, the zombie has transcended the constraints of its own genre. Whereas early zombie films closely adhered to horror tropes, more recent renditions have wed themselves to comedy and romance (Zack Snyder released the comedic Shaun of the Dead in 2004 to critical and popular acclaim), and broken away from melodrama.

Emphasis is mine, and I still can’t get over this mistake. Clearly the comedic masterpiece Shaun of the Dead is Part 1 of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto triology Part 2, Hot Fuzz is even better! and has nothing to do with Zack Snyder.

Is this an intentional troll? Zack Snyder does attract a lot of 4Chan attention. But how am I supposed to take the any of the essay’s many meandering philosophical references And I thought medical jargon was bad… seriously if they can’t get this one basic thing right? Submit myself to voluntary Gell-Man amnesia?

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