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A few personal blogs of note

For some reason, I have been stumbling upon more and more good personal blogs recently. The recent detwittefication Which is a term I just coined. Please feel free to suggest alternate spellings. of the Web may explain some of my new finds, but many started long before the several more recent exodi. Here are a few:

  1. from Rachel Kwon, who has the best first post I have seen in a while (about leaving surgical residency), thoughts on and digital gardens similar to mine, and identical thoughts on optimization. So yes, confirmation bias.
  2. Matthias Ott has good advice on blogging, great recommendations on what to watch, and I also get to learn some CSS.
  3. (The?) Longest Voyage, which, who doesn’t love a good travelogue of an American in Japan, who arrives to Tokyo in January 2020. Also, Corona virus. Crazy, right?
  4. The Scholar’s Stage by Tanner Greer is unlike the other three in that — the title kind of gives it away — the articles are more scholarly and there are few if any personal topics. And while I agree with some of the theses (or takes, as kids these days call them, and the day when graduate students will be instructed to submit their “takes” on a given topic is coming sooner than you think), others leave me cold, but I’d rather read a well-argumented article with which I disagree than an echo chamber listicle.
  5. In that vein, Tipsy Teetotaler and Why Evolution is True are once-a-day (for the most part) lists of interesting things from around the internet from an Orthodox Christian and an atheist respectively, and while I am far from agreeing with either on many, many things, I also find the thoughts they share valuable, and the websites they link to interesting and engaging. So there.

P.S. This will do well as an appendix to my blogroll, which you can also check out.

P.P.S. I intentionally omitted the many, many micro.blogs I have been following, about which more in some future post — there's a cliffhanger for you.

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