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From the Antidotes to cynicism creep in academia:

Let me reiterate what I said before: when someone sends me a paper or a newspaper article about a paper, my view today is that the conclusions may or may not be valid. I don’t expect things to hold up just because this is a scientific paper (compared to a blog post), or because it is peer-reviewed (compared to a preprint), or because it is published in Nature or Science, or because it is published by a famous scientist. I think my view is reasonable and supported by evidence, at least in the fields I work in.

This is also my view, and applies equally to The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet and JAMA as it does to Nature or Science. They are for-profit businesses who will do things for profit, not for elevation of science. The article goes on to list the titular antidotes from the position of a tenured professor of psychology working in Europe. My own antidote to cynicism creep in academia was slightly different.

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