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Notes on election day

It is the first Tuesday in June and DCPS schools are closed for primary elections.

  1. Weekday elections are disruptive and if the ones in November have to be maintained out of respect for history why double the misery during the primaries? At the very least move them to after the school is out anyway.
  2. It is the first time non-citizens can vote in local DC elections and the uproar is in line with my expectations.
  3. As a non-citizen myself I did in fact register to vote. Alas, not registering myself as a Democrat means I won’t make an iota of difference in voting out of office the ding-dongs who thought giving non-citizens a vote was a good idea.
  4. If the ding-dongs wanted true democracy in this deep blue city-state, why not go for open primaries?
  5. This is the only overtly political post I will make until November.

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