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📚 Taleb the prophet, writing about cryptobros and the summer of 2022 back in the early 2000s.

Financial instruments come and go but human stupidity and greed are forever.

📚 Re-reading Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness for the first time since covid hit. From the preface, on intellectual immodesty. There is a direct line from this to the catastrophic early response to the pandemic.

BTW, our company is called Cartesian but we are Montaignes at heart.

📚 Calculated Risks was funnier than you’d expect from a book about statistical (in)numeracy. It’s healthy to laugh in the face of our inadequacies.

📚 Bullshit Jobs ended up being copy pasta of David Graeber’s fan mail. Too bad, as the premise is as relevant as ever.

📚 Social networks aren’t the problem, ignorance is. Carl Sagan called it 30 years ago. So if you are annoyed by Twitter’s overall tone maybe schools are more to blame than we admit, on all sides and at all levels of education?

📚 Five months into the year, and I’ve abandoned my first book: The Ministry for the Future. Broad strokes and cipher characters à la Three Body Problem just didn’t go well with the specific issues The Ministry… was trying to raise.

📚 Starting the morning with some Gerd Gigerenzer. Hope he doesn’t get into trouble for implying the media and health agencies are spreading disinformation.

Oh, who am I kidding? It’s in a book, no one will see it.

From David Graeber’s uneven but in parts excellent book BS Jobs. This was my own conclusion after watching that CGP Gray video on AI taking over all the jobs some years back 📚