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Infrastructure week

This rump week would be a better time than most to work on the pipes here, if not for my having to do actual work. ⊕ Which is all good! There are some exciting news coming in early 2023 which yes, need my absolute attention even on a holiday.Still, I will dedicate a few hours transferring posts from the ole' pelican-powered Infinite Regress — around since 2014 as a self-hosted blog and since 2012(!

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The older I get the more I appreciate anything in life that reduces friction. Yes, I could write a quick landing page myself and host it on Github pages for free. But for $5/year makes it so much easier (and more esthetically pleasing than I could ever manage).

In a last-minute change of plans we will be roasting our own turkey for the first time since 2015. Is this a good recipe and does anyone have a better one?

Signed: Clueless

Lists for weekly review

My first contact with GTD was through 43folders nearly two decades ago, and I haven’t looked back since. A few things did change since then. One adjustment was procedural, going from the DIY planner, I hope this is the right link. Far from being an eternal archive, the web churns at the speed of internet startups. through hipster PDA and Things to, ultimately, OmniFocus. And through the magic of personal blogs I know that the 7-year anniversary of my OmniFocus run is coming up.

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It took me a while, but I finally got it: The Road Not Taken is not about individualism and thinking different(ly), but rather about the narrative fallacy, hindsight bias, and contemplation of the counterfactuals. Brilliant.

Back to microblogging

A brief experiment with Drummer reminded me how fun it was to write short, untitled, tweet-like posts throughout the day without having to be exposed to social networks. Drummer itself was too high-maintenance for the 2020s me, but is a (paid) service whose focus is — and the name does give it away — short, untitled, tweet-like posts with a light layer of social networking. Which is to say, my old domain is now resurrected as a micro blog with a snazy Edward Tufte-inspired design.

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