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Down the vim rabithole

Spending two hours each day on the train, offline and without distractions, gives me an excuse to go down various rabbit holes that a couple of months ago I would’ve thought nothing but time wasters. Starting to read the Dark Tower series—I’m almost done with the Gunslinger—is one of them. Re-learning vim—if dabbling with it in high school 15 years ago counts as having learned it—is another.

This episode of the Technical Difficulties podcast is what started it, followed by a blog post or two on the perfect setup. Now, I may or may not continue using vim as my primary writting tool—I would have to figure out how to integrate it into my workflow—but several things I picked up will always be useful:

Yes, I am writing this in vim, previewing and exporting in Marked, then posting it manually to Squarespace. The only thing standing between me and a fancy-pants static website engine powering this blog is there being no internet access on MARC trains, and me being too cheap to get a $20-a-month personal hotspot from Sprint. That is probably for the best.

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