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Madam’s Organ/Adams Morgan, Washington DC, October 14 2022, 8:30am EST.

Madam’s Organ mural in the Adam’s Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC. An American flag is in the foreground, along with a neon sign for the “Original Jumbo Slice” pizza. An empty street is on the left (18th St NW, which will be crawling with people by late morning), and an equally empty restaurant patio is to the right (The Diner, which is a mediocre place to eat but has the benefit of being open very late in a street lined with bars). There have been many more patios open on 18th since the pandemic, and they are now occupying a whole lane previously dedicated to street parking. This is a good thing. I don’t know if the pizza is any good, but it’s DC, so probably not.

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