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Downtown Nashville TN, October 15 2022, 1:15pm CT.

Mural of a dog holding a girl in his or her paws like they just saved her from something while to the left a boy, presumably the gir’s brother, is looking wistfully through the window away from the dog/girl pair. The dog, it should be said, is comically large (or are the children extremely small?) but the image is anything but comedic. The caption above says “One day I will rescure your brother too”. The mural is painted on a wall facing a gray concrete parking lot half-filled with cars. To the left is a menacing glass skyscraper towering over the squat red building that hosts the mural, as if that is the thing children are being saved from. The sky is the same dull gray-blue as the skyscraper, which, the skyscraper being made of glass, only makes sense.

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