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Infrastructure week

This rump week would be a better time than most to work on the pipes here, if not for my having to do actual work. Which is all good! There are some exciting news coming in early 2023 which yes, need my absolute attention even on a holiday.Still, I will dedicate a few hours transferring posts from the ole' pelican-powered Infinite Regress — around since 2014 as a self-hosted blog and since 2012(!?) on SquareSpace — to using full time.

It was an easy choice, driven by two factors: the Tufte theme for is just that good of a look — thank you, @pimoore! — and posting from MarsEdit Via BBEdit for titled posts, such as this one. on an M1 Mac is just that good of a workflow. Also fairly expensive — the 2014 me would have balked at a $5–10/month subscription and two pieces of $50+ software — but at a certain point time becomes more valuable than money and if you haven’t already reached that point I hope that you soon do.

So, I will be happy with just a transfer of old posts, plus-minus switching up footnotes to marginnotes and sidenotes as needed. Time permitting, I will make a few tweaks to the page layout, colors and font, but these will be gravy. The Infinite Regress layout has lasted more than 8 years, and I can easily see this one lasting 8 more.

Speaking of IR, converting it to a digital garden-like website The link is to Maggie Appleton’s overview of the history of digital gardens, and if you haven’t been to her website before, you are in for a treat. is the next big project, one that will have to wait for the next infrastructure week.

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