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Competing our way to Skynet

So let me see if I have this straight:

If artificial general intelligence is possible, For an explanation for how AI differs from AGI I recommend this short interview with David Deutsch. odds are that it will emerge in this decade. Determining whether that is good or bad I will leave as an excercise to the reader.

P.S. While getting the links for this post I came upon a WaPo article which came out today and devotes a single paragraph to the potential harms of AI:

Some AI ethicists fear that Big Tech’s rush to market could expose billions of people to potential harms — such as sharing inaccurate information, generating fake photos or giving students the ability to cheat on school tests — before trust and safety experts have been able to study the risks. Others in the field share OpenAI’s philosophy that releasing the tools to the public, often nominally in a “beta” phase after mitigating some predictable risks, is the only way to assess real world harms.

This is true, as things stand now. Wouldn’t it be nice if it stayed that way.

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