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Browser check

Four months after switching to Edge, it is still going strong as my default browser. The Bing sidebar is now the first thing I turn to with questions about code of any kind (the last two examples: how to assign the current screen width to a variable in AppleScript, and how to create custom color gradients for a heat map in Mathematica; the first one it got in the first try, we needed three attempts for the second). The compose pane has seen less use — my day job requires less BS generation than I originally feared — but is still a marvelous tool for writer’s block prevention: just knowing it can produce text-on-demand makes my own words flow to compete.

Add vertical tabs, split window panes, web app creation, bookmarklet support (while some other Safari competitors refuse to acknowledge that bookmarks — yes, bookmarks, even exist), and did I mention it was fast? It will take a lot to switch to something else.

For the first time this century, Microsoft has my attention.

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