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Maximize this

Chris Arnade wrote a delightful little story from Japan after a few not so great experiences, and it’s great, you should read it, but what really got me nodding was when at the end he meets a young couple at the airport and they start telling him about the cool places they’ll see in Tokyo, and

I wanted to tell them though, slow down, stop trying to maximize your experience by checking off a list and maximize your experience by letting stuff happen naturally, and connecting with people.

It may be a matter of age because a few decades ago I was that young couple, solo edition, but, as the solo became a 2+3, slowed down by necessity, and lo and behold the best experiences on trips were not the ones we planned but the ones we got while looking for a restroom in Richmond for a just-out-of-diapers toddler, let’s say.

So yes, it’s a cliche. Slow down. Take it all in. Don’t overthink and overplan. But do think and plan. Everything in moderation: another good cliche. But you know what? It’s true! Even more so when the young’uns are under pressure to deliver that perfect shareable shot.

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