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Re-capitalizing the i̶Internet

Laments about the glory days of the internet are popping up in my field of view with increasing frequency. This is mostly a sign that people of a certain generation are reaching middle age, but since that generation is my own, I am in full agreement!

Just this weekend, Trishank was praising Geocities, and Rachel Kwon wanted to make the internet fun again. Not only that: she started a collection of like-minded articles which doubles as a most excellent blogroll.

On the margin of a book review I noted that, some time in 2016 — Year Zero of the New Era — most house manuals of style dropped the capital “I” from the internet, acknowledging something that people have been doing in their minds for at least a decade prior. The lower-case “i” internet has become a fish stew that we can’t unboil, but any quixotic attempt to fight the second law of thermodynamics in this regard has my full support.

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