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My entries in the September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge

30 Spoiler alert.

A funny thing happened while I was reading Wanting, a book about mimetic desire: started the September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge and I had sudden urge to unlock that 30-day pin.

I went for tangential over literal interpretation of the prompts, and for (mostly) archival photos over daily snaps. While reviewing old photos I realized that, among the many things wrong with my late iPhone Xs Max before the digitizer died and I had to replace it, was the lens stabilizer: most of the photos shot while it was on its last legs are smeared. I was oddly at peace with that, my own photo quality standards having slipped considerably in the last decade as my spouse became the family’s photographer of record.

I also tried to add a link or two wherever possible, because if a piece of online text doesn’t link out to anything else then what’s the point? Seriously, X now allows verified users to post walls of text in a single post and still has no hyperlinks. The mind boggles why anyone would write anything there that’s more serious than their thoughts from the shitter. In that spirit, here are all the prompts, linking out to my entry for the day:

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