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In my notes from Honolulu I downplayed how much better the food was there — for the price you pay — compared to what you can get back home.

Case in point: returning from Diamond Head (an easy trek, highly recommended) we took a Lyft ride back to our hotel. The driver, “L.J.”, turned out to be Ljubiša from Novi Sad, Serbia. Needless to say, we had a good conversation, which led to food, which let to us making a pit stop at “the best doughnut place on the island”. Selling Portuguese doughnuts, of all things.

The box, the interior, and the signage all screamed mid-century modern. Looking at when it was openned, it checks out.

Photo of a pink box with "Leonard's Bakery (since 1952)" written in blue letters.

I don’t know if they were the best on the island, but they were better than anything we’ve had in DC in our seven years here!

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