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Notes from Honolulu

Four years and a few months after our trip to Maui, a conference brought us back to Hawaii. It was an exclamation point that capped a year full of beach travel. But this was emphatically not a beach vacation.

Photo of a blocky statue of a priest in front of a brutalist building. Statue of Father Damien in front of the Hawai'i State Capitol, Honolulu.

Photo of the entrance to the Wasabi Bistro with the restaurant interior visible between wood slats. Wasabi Bistro, Waikiki, HI.

Photo of a beach catamaran. A chihuahua wearing a pink sweater is standing on its bow. Mana Kai catamaran just before leaving for Turtle Canyon, Waikiki, HI.

Photo from an airplane window showing the wing and a rainbow arched across the low white clouds.
A rainbow to great us shortly after departure from Oahu, and how much more ridiculously cute can it get?

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